In order to keep this program available to distributors we will ask that you agree to these terms and conditions during the sign up process.
Live and Recorded Meetings
Live and Recorded Meetings will not be copied, embedded, or distributed. All meetings will be watched through or its' affiliates.
Handouts and Recipes
Handouts are to be used for individual use only. Copies or distribution to non-members or PC's who are not on autoship is strictly prohibited. Handouts however, can be used as sales tools, but not given to individuals or distributors who choose not to become an autoship customer. All documents are Copyrighted.
Members Only Area
Distributor Access
Distributors cannot release their logon information to anyone, especially PC's, cross line distributors or downline distributors. Website access is monitored and any suspicious activity will be addressed.

Distributors are expected to be a "product of the product". They must understand the basics of the Glycemic Index, fully understand the Introduction Meeting, participate in weekly meetings and be able to respond to their PC's questions. Any questions that can not be accurately answered by the distributor should be sent to the Reset Your Ways Team.
Termination of Subscription
Subscriptions can be terminated by violating any terms incorporated herein. Termination of a distributor will also result in the termination of the entire account including PC's.
Subscription Option 1
Subscription Option 2
Subscription Option 3
Yourself plus up to 20 PC's on Autoship
$19.95 per month
($1 per PC)
Yourself plus 51-100 PC's on Autoship
$59.95 per month
($0.60 per PC)
Yourself plus 21-50 PC's on Autoship
$39.95 per month
($0.80 per PC)
Email the Coach
Email the Coach