"I absolutely LOVE this program. It is easy and I lost 12 pounds and over 3 3/4" around my waist in 4 weeks! My total weight loss is 30 lbs in a few months. Having had bouts of chronic fatigue and hypoglycemia throughout my life, and entering into middle age I thought that I was just too old to put myself through another diet and was ready to settle for the middle age bulges. I ate healthy, call me a health nut, but it was because of my weaknesses and now I still eat the foods that I love but feel stronger than I have since I can remember. I feel great in my clothes and now work as a salesperson at a fashion store. This is it for me, I am here to stay."
- Donna, RI

"I have never found a program that worked for me. It would always take too long to see results and any loss I had I would gain back. NOW I have found this program and I can eat normal healthy foods, don't have to count anything and lost a ton of weight. I lost 8.9 pounds the first week, then after 4 weeks I was down 20 pounds and in my eighth week I was down 40 pounds. I went from a 42" pants to a 36" and a XL shirt to a large! I am not done yet but I can do this lifestyle for the rest of my life!"
- Adam, CT
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