“When I started this lifestyle change I weighed 278 lbs and wore a 46" pants and a 2XL shirt. I now weigh 235 lbs and wear a 40" pants and a 1XL shirt. My doctor has cut my blood pressure medication down 50 percent and my pressure now is 120/80. My bad cholesterol has dropped 25 points and the good is up 8 points. I still need to lose more but the challenge does not seem so enormous. I chose to reset my ways to a healthier lifestyle and you also can do it.

Take the first step and look in the mirror and say they did, SO CAN I !" - Roger, RI

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“The weekly online classes are very helpful and I enjoy the variety of topics. I love the recipes provided each week. I have just started the program and have lost 4 pounds and 2 inches from my waist! I have a lot more energy and don’t need to take my afternoon nap!”
- Ruth, RI

“I have lost about 13 pound in two weeks. I watch the meetings every time I can and although I didn’t measure my waist when I started I can tell it is less than when I started. I enjoy all the yummy recipes…keep them coming! Now I need to find the best place to shop for new clothing since I am getting smaller!"
- Anonymous, RI
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